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Screen Printing is a printing technique that converts a graphic into a multi-layered print (one color per layer, we can print up to six layers/colors). Screen Printing, like embroidery, is used on almost all type of garments and many types of fabrics.

Screen Printing is priced based on the amount of colors used in the design that is being printed. For each color on the design a screen needs to be burned. Each screen that is burned has an associated screen charge. Dark colored items cost a little bit more due to needing to be flashed cured and printed a second time so the print is opaque enough to cover the garment color. These are the most common ways your screen printing fees will be calculated.


Create high end products with shading and gradients.

Fairly inexpensive for large orders.

Can recreate a very detailed logo, more so than can be done with embroidery.

Large designs typically do not add to the cost.


Fading or cracking may occur after many years and several washings.

Requires a minimum order due to setup time.

Screen printing on some materials may be cost prohibitive, as specialty inks and additives are required.