Absolutely Graphic

Most commonly the awards and trophies you see are done with a Rotary Engraver. In 2004 our company decided to go in a different direction and purchased a Laser Engraver. The laser engraver allows us to get intricate with the detail and design as well as laser on more products then a rotary engraver would offer. Some materials we are able to engrave on are wood, plastics, glass, painted aluminum, and acrylic.

We use a selection of trophy suppliers to ensure we can supply our customers with the product they are looking for.

Below are links to three of the main suppliers we use. Please feel free to browse through what they have to offer. If you find something you like, or would like some more information on, simply take down the part number and give us a call or send an email, and we will be happy to help and answer any questions!